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Worthy is dedicated to enabling volunteers to connect with nonprofits to have the impact they are capable of.

More dollars towards the mission

Our mission is to lower the administrative burden of nonprofits

Worthy helps nonprofits source skilled Volunteers to help deliver the mission, rather than paying for it.

  • Grow top line with talent skilled in sales, marketing & fundraising
  • Reduce what you have to pay for
  • See more dollars flow towards the mission
Reduce costs of nonprofit
Worthy team

Meet Our Team

The team bringing the best tech to non-profits

John Doe

John is passionate about connecting charities and volunteers to make a positive impact.

Jane Smith

Jane brings extensive experience in nonprofit management and strategic planning.

Michael Johnson

Michael is a tech enthusiast with a passion for building innovative solutions.

Sarah Thompson
Marketing Director

Sarah is dedicated to spreading the word about our platform and its impact.

David Lee
Product Manager

David ensures that our platform meets the needs of charities and volunteers.

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